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Spindrift East

SPINDRIFT EAST ( in the past )


1992 Our first 7″ released by NECK RECORDS (produced alongside Kurt Beers) SEE PSYCHIC SEA b/w SURROUND SOUND. The B-Side would later be featured in the all encompassing 5 disc Shoegaze box set “Still in a Dream” released by Cherry Red Records 2017.

1992 4 SONG PROMO TRIP (Drophit Records) Cassettte. Our first studio outing saw the release of classics !. See Psychic Sea 2. Surround Sound 3. Mindshaft 4. Apocalyptic Sex. At this time, the Newark, Delaware scene was actually very, very happening. We performed alongside acts Zen Guerrilla, Schroeder, Smashing Orange, Jake and The Stiffs, and some could even say that long before the birth of such “Psych Fest’s”, Mother Natures Blacklight Rainbow was already introducing festivals such as “Acid Test” and “Firefest” some 15 years before it was cool.

1994 Our 2nd 7″ release (Neck Records) which was a split and featured the song DOSES with adept cover art to match!

1994 NOT SHY ANYMORE (Drophit Records) Cassette. Our 2nd batch of slowly maturing studio tracks included 1. DOSES 2. SKIN CHAMBER (Locked) 3. EROS IN ANDROMEDA 4. GROUNDWAVES. All 8 songs from the 1st 2 cassette releases were remastered and digitally released in 2017 on the album SPACE IS BETWEEN THE YEARS VOL.2.

Pulpo a la Marinera (1996)
“This album, recorded in 1996, started as a studio freak-out session. After layering some additional tracks, the jam sessions were edited into this album.” -Freak of the Week

Ostiones Ahumados (2002)
“I think this recording took place sometime in autumn 2002. Kirpatrick Thomas and Joe Baluta were visiting the east coast from L.A., and they came to do some improvisational recordings in the Astrocade, where I lived at the time. Chris Tucker from The Situation also came by for a while and played drums on one of the songs. The base tracks of the album are Kirpatrick on guitar, Joe on bass, and me on drums. Then Kirpatrick took the tracks back west and did some overdubs, which he sent back..” -Freak of the Week