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SPINDRIFT » GoFundMe set up to recover our gear

GoFundMe set up to recover our gear

Hello Ladies and Gents! FYI, the campaign is still ACTIVE! PLEASE SHARE & tell your friends! ???? We’d also like to thank those who have alreasy donated to the cause! We are collectively kicking ass & overcoming incredible ODDS now rebuilding our musical arsenal. The new album “Classic Soundtracks Vol. III” will see the light of day come JUNE 2021 Alternative Tentacles Records. That will be just in time to bounce back to performing LIVE once again!

Friends, fans, and family—we do realize that asking for help during a time where everyone is struggling is a tall order. This has been a rough year for all of us. Unfortunately, we haven’t been able to recover the majority of our gear that was stolen in November and we feel that allowing donations is the only way to dig ourselves out of this situation. We’ve gone months now without playing music as a band, but we’re trying to stay positive—we’re eager to rebuild, do some livestreams, and start recording our next album.

Our DTLA warehouse was broken into via sledgehammer and totally ransacked, destroyed, and violated. There was over 30k worth of stuff stolen, but our main goal with this GoFundMe is simply to get to a place where we can function as a band again; we’re attempting to replace pedal boards, guitars, amps, recording equipment, PA’s, etc. We live for playing and it’s been rough going without it, so any help that we receive will mean so much to us on many different levels.

We’re releasing our next album, Classic Soundtracks Vol. 3, on Alternative Tentacles in the near future, so if anyone prefers to help by pre-ordering the album linked above, we’ll be equally as grateful. Thanks so much to anyone who contributes to our cause and we hope everyone is well. We miss all of you and can’t wait until we’re free to tour and see ya’ll again!