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LEAD VOCAL, GUITAR                            
      SPINDRIFT is a cinematically inspired rock band from Los Angeles, CA. Collectively, they’ve released over a dozen studio and soundtrack albums, many to critical acclaim and have been coined as “Heavy Western”, “psychedelic spaghetti western Rock n’ Roll”, or just plainly “psychedelic spaghetti”.  They’ve also been described as a “60’s garage rock band performing as a mini orchestra stuck within a Tarantino film.
      Currently a quartet, the group is led by songwriter-producer-composer Kirpatrick Thomas on guitar, lead vocals, along with Portland based guitarist Becca Davidson; bass/baritone guitarist, producer, vocalist Riley Bray; and aerospace engineer Joe Zabielski on drums and electronics.
     The band was originally formed in the 90’s in the college town of Newark, Delaware. Over the years, various cassettes, cd’s, vinyl LP’s, and 7” Singles have been released, each showcasing a wide array progressively morphing psychedelic and cinematic styles.  In the early 2000’s, after the band moved from East Coast to West Coast, Thomas moonlighted as guitarist for the infamous Brian Jonestown Massacre. He then recruited his West Coast ensemble and they hit a high point with the 2008 film and soundtrack to  The Legend of God’s Gun (released by Teepee Records and Indican Pictures & Directed by Mike Bruce) which was deeply inspired by the Italian Spaghetti Western films of the 60’s like the Morricone/ Leone epic “Once Upon A Time In The West”.
       Other indie films Kirpatrick & Co. have composed for include the “desertsploitation” style films Dust Up and Treasure of the Black Jaguar, the surrealist documentary SPINDRIFT’s Haunted West, the odd horror-drama series Zombie Bounty Hunter, M.D. and 2020’s upcoming “Sammy-Gate”, an experimental film about how  Sammy Davis  Jr. caused the Watergate scandal. 
     Their cinematic scope is further heard on the compilation albums Classic Soundtracks Vol 1,2, and The West (released on Xemu Records), HBO’s East Bound & Down (Seasons 1 & 2),Showtimes’s Californication, Quentin Tarantino’s biker exploitation film Hell RideDiablo (featuring Scott Eastwood), and “The Ballad of Darrell Lemaire” from Season 1 Ep09 of Hamilton’s Pharmacopeia (VICE). 
      The band has actively toured the US, Canada, and Europe performing with punk legends X, psych rockers The Black Angels, Dead Meadow, Black Rebel Mororcycle Club, The Dandy Warhols, and Kurt Vile. Following performances escalated with Joshua Tree’s “Desert Stars Festival” and “Austin Psych Fest (LEVITATION), which helped revive a “3rd wave of psychedelia“.
       Cinematically, SPINDRIFT reached new heights after screening films and performing LIVE at both Slamdance Film Festival (Park City, UT 2013) and The Almerian Western Film Festival (Tabernas, Andalusia Spain in 2014 AND 2017).  They created a “drive-in theater” experience in the parking lot of Pappy and Harriet’s Pioneertown Palace in 2008 for “The Legend of God’s Gun” premier.
        2022 will see the release of the bands 10th studio album, co-produced by Riley Bray and punk legend Jello Biafra. Released by Jello’s own Alternative Tentacles RecordsClassic Soundtracks Vol. 3 completes a trilogy of themes from various feature films, documentaries, and TV mini-series. This final installment reveals a new level of maturity, opening doors to new genres including espionage-esque Bond themes, upbeat guitar duets, “Italian Polizia” car chase electronica, hard rock from the Middle East, psychedelic Disco, and progressive “Kung Fu” rock.
        After a bit of a scare due to the Covid-19 pandemic, (all the while the band realized they reached #52 and counting on the College Radio charts) they surreptitiously had to cancel their remaining US dates. Still, SPINDRIFT’s voyage will continue through the following year with US and European tours planned PLUS the release of 2 new feature films (and soundtracks) “SAMMY-GATE” and their newly rebranded ghost town documentary “SPINDRIFT’s Haunted West” (Directed by Burke Roberts & released by Indican Pictures/LIONSGATE Jun 2020) which is now available digitally, vod, & amazon prime.