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GoFundMe set up to help us recover our gear

Hello Ladies and Gents! FYI, the campaign is still ACTIVE! PLEASE SHARE & tell your friends! ???? We’d also like to thank those who have alreasy donated to the cause! We are collectively kicking ass & overcoming incredible ODDS now rebuilding our musical arsenal. The new album “Classic Soundtracks Vol. III” will see the light of day come JUNE 2021 Alternative Tentacles Records. That will be just in time to bounce back to performing LIVE once again! Friends, fans, and family—we do realize that asking for help during a time where everyone is struggling is a tall order. This has been a rough year for all of us. Unfortunately, we haven’t been able to recover the majority of our gear that was stolen in November and we … Read entire article »

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Help! Warehouse burglarized!

This past weekend on both Sat and Sun Nov 14/15 SPINDRIFT’s DTLA warehouse was broken into (violators went over the barbed wire fence, into the back alley, then through a brick wall with a sledge hammer and finally, in through the bathroom wall) and SEVERELY burglarized the band losing about %70 of our gear (items attached) including our one of a kind Doubleneck Bass/Baritone Guitar, Beccas Gibson Flying V, and all of our guitar pedals (kept inside our pedal flight cases). This DOES NOT even include the other 2 renters belongings which included tons of power tools, construction gear, and a vast amount of vintage clothing. As of today (Nov 20), we have a detective involved (we did a police report the night of, yet in LA, it takes them THIS LONG … Read entire article »

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SammyGate release

Only 300 copies. Get yours today. DIRECTED BY Noel Lawrence, “SAMMY – GATE” is a dark political satire about how Sammy Davis, Jr. caused Watergate. The massive score reflects the acid rock sounds of the era but doesn’t stop there…The tracks cover a staggering range of styles and genres, including lounge jazz, blues, classical, analog synth, as the Morricone Spaghetti Western influences soar! With up to 38 scenes in need of scoring, through 2019, this was a massive undertaking and what appears on the LP is the best of the best. The soundtrack includes original compositions from Kirpatrick Thomas & SPINDRIFT, Eric D. Clark (Whirlpool Productions), and Brennan Johns (Bootsy Collins’ Horn Ensemble) with additional narrative by Jello Biafra (Dead Kennedy’s) as the voice of Vietnam War era Radio First Termer … Read entire article »

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Watch the Haunted West movie

Spindrift official trailer from Indican Pictures . We are proud to announce the release of the feature rockumentary SPINDRIFT’S HAUNTED WEST, which is being distributed by LIONSGATE Entertainment and Indican Pictures. Check it out on View on YouTube, Google Play, or Amazon Prime, Spectrum, DirecTV, or Dish. The film follows the band on a surrealistic odyssey across the historic American west through ghost towns, cursed landscapes, landmarks of Western lore and the pervasive eccentricity of what it has all become. Sometimes unsuspecting and hard-worn audiences are treated to SPINDRIFT’s unique brand of psychedelic spaghetti western Americana, but mostly the band performs only for this tour’s intended audience; the spirits, devils and ghost riders that haunt the iconic territory. Directed by anarcho-cinema provocateur BURKE ROBERTS, this visual concept album is a kaleidoscopic journey … Read entire article »

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