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SammyGate release

Only 300 copies. Get yours today.

DIRECTED BY Noel Lawrence, “SAMMY – GATE” is a dark political satire about how Sammy Davis, Jr. caused Watergate. The massive score reflects the acid rock sounds of the era but doesn’t stop there…The tracks cover a staggering range of styles and genres, including lounge jazz, blues, classical, analog synth, as the Morricone Spaghetti Western influences soar!

With up to 38 scenes in need of scoring, through 2019, this was a massive undertaking and what appears on the LP is the best of the best. The soundtrack includes original compositions from Kirpatrick Thomas & SPINDRIFT, Eric D. Clark (Whirlpool Productions), and Brennan Johns (Bootsy Collins’ Horn Ensemble) with additional narrative by Jello Biafra (Dead Kennedy’s) as the voice of Vietnam War era Radio First Termer DJ “Dave Rabbit”. In addition, to sustain the sonic madness at a fever pitch, the album also features a rogues’ gallery of guest collaborators:

  • Angie Reed (Barbara Brockhaus)
  • Dmitri Brill (Deee-Lite)
  • Philip Proctor (Firesign Theatre)
  • Jason Simon (Dead Meadow)
  • Bobby Bones (The Silver Chords, Psychic TV)
  • Ukulena (vocalist Marlena Khramov)
  • Darius James (noted author and screenwriter of “Sammy-Gate”)
  • Noel Lawrence (J.X. Williams, director of “Sammy-Gate”)

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