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Help! Warehouse burglarized!

This past weekend on both Sat and Sun Nov 14/15 SPINDRIFT’s DTLA warehouse was broken into (violators went over the barbed wire fence, into the back alley, then through a brick wall with a sledge hammer and finally, in through the bathroom wall) and SEVERELY burglarized the band losing about %70 of our gear (items attached) including our one of a kind Doubleneck Bass/Baritone Guitar, Beccas Gibson Flying V, and all of our guitar pedals (kept inside our pedal flight cases).

This DOES NOT even include the other 2 renters belongings which included tons of power tools, construction gear, and a vast amount of vintage clothing.

As of today (Nov 20), we have a detective involved (we did a police report the night of, yet in LA, it takes them THIS LONG just to respond and get moving) and have some security cam footage of 2 vehicles involved as well as what seems to be about 3-4 different younger men on bikes who took off with gear some literally on their backs. Plus, 2 witnesses! One homeless friend of ours and a tenant next door who actually saved the day by asking them “Where are you from?” Frightening them away. So, some good leads and descriptions. Unfortunately, no License plates. So, confidence is HIGH that we’ll at least nab some of these losers and get something back.

The entire warehouse was TRASHED in the process and we can’t help but feel very violated as we’ve been at this DTLA warehouse since 2005 (not one break-in since) & sculpted our sound using this collective gear over the past 20+ years of SPINDRIFT’s existence.

There will be a form of donation up soon in the way of new album presale for our upcoming Alternative Tentacles Records release. However, If you wish to help with an immediate contribution that’ll go to myself & the band directly, you can Venmo me @Kirpatrick-Thomas.

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