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SPINDRIFT » News » Get the New Album! US TOUR is underway! Spindrift – Ghost of the West available October 22, 2013

Get the New Album! US TOUR is underway! Spindrift – Ghost of the West available October 22, 2013

fullposterSince the release of Xemu Records Classic Soundtracks Vol. 1 (Apr. 2011), SPINDRIFT has been hard at work on crafting an album and film about their fascination with both the surreal qualities and the mythos of the Wild West. After a 5 week stint of performing, recording, and visually documenting a tour through America’s Ghost Towns in Oct. 2012, the band has now released SPINDRIFT – GHOST OF THE WEST on Tee Pee Records. The film companion will follow this release in 2014(official date TBA). The album is available here on Vinyl LP(180gr), CD, and digital download. This is the 2nd release the band has done with Tee Pee Records(following the release of The Legend of God’s Gun in 2008) and the bands 5th full length label release. A US Tour is underway to promote the album bringing the band to such destinations as the Echo(LA), Laramie WY, Austin TX, NOLA, Nashville, Detroit, Toronto, Brooklyn, Newport(KY), and the band will support ex-Hawkwind mastermind Nik Turner in Charlotte, NC on 11/04/13 at Tremont Music Hall.

SPINDRIFT – GHOST OF THE WEST is ¬†an homage to everything Western and promises to be the most quintessential psychedelic western crossover album ever made. With this album (and film to follow), the band has truly once again outdone themselves. While their album and film The Legend of God’s Gun(2008) was a Grindhouse Psychedelic Spaghetti Western Rock ‘n Roll masterpiece, SPINDRIFT -GHOST OF THE WEST picks up on the more factual “real” forgotten past of the West. Bringing that ghostly history back to life.

The origins of SPINDRIFT – GHOST OF THE WEST album started when members Kirpatrick Thomas and David Koenig would entertain remaining stragglers with old acoustic campfire ballads after Spindrift shows in Joshua Tree, CA. Pioneertown to be exact (the birthplace of Roy Rogers, Gene Autry, and The Sons of the Pioneers). With harmonica, acoustic guitars, and vocal harmonies, the band would recall the early days of when the plight of the Cowboys, Native Americans, Gunfighters, and Pioneers ruled these parts. Naturally, as these renditions progressed, more tunes were crafted and the band decided to put a new “spin” on these older tunes. While recording the beginnings of the album with Producer Riley Bray at his studio right up the street from Gene Autry’s old pad, the idea was brought up to literally bring the songs back to the real West. Thus, the Ghost Town Tour of Oct. 2012 commenced. Eccentric Director Burke Roberts and Cinematographers JT Gurzi and Rich Ragsdale were hired to film and document the 5 week journey through the Western USA. The band performed and did field recordings in many Ghost Towns (like Bodie, CA, playing to no one but the ghosts), “living” Ghost Towns (like Tombstone), Western Museums, Tourist Attractions (Deadwood, SD) and National Parks (Sonoran National Desert, AZ). During a stay at the Directors own Ranch in Larimer County, CO the band even discovered some strange vibes and felt “haunted”. Discovering Charles Manson’s engraved signature in the old Town Hall of Belmont, NV proved the point that not only was the band on to discovering some serious history, but they were also uncovering the forgotten past.

SPINDRIFT – GHOST OF THE WEST contains all the proper elements that the band has grown to make their own…and more. Kirpatrick’s signature twangy Spaghetti Western style guitar and deep heroic baritone is more present and defined than ever as this is thier most vocal album yet. Luke Dawson’s pedal steel soars while Sasha Vallely’s high soprano hauntingly bounces through some lost cavernous gold mine. All the flavors of the SPINDRIFT style have become highly developed. Bullfighting music. Check. Native American chants. Check. Classic Campfire Ballads. Check. Stories of revenge, rustling cattle, and even an amped up version of Ghost Riders in the Sky (which the band actually performed with Dead Kennedy’s Jello Biafra in San Francisco) are all present. Even a couple field recordings to give authenticity to the project. Its all presented with a good measure of surreal psychedelia. Sons of the Pioneers meet The Doors? Yep. Beyond all this, trumpet has been introduced here via Jimmy Vespa and Henry Evans learned and played upright bass exclusively for the album. The band has also introduced jazz, lounge, and Hawaiian elements into the mix and ex band member Dave Koenig was even brought back in to do his signature harmonica lines.

Finally, as the icing on the cake…In the usual fashion, not only is SPINDRIFT – GHOST OF THE WEST a comprehensive album, but its also a Motion Picture Soundtrack that is being released BEFORE the feature film companion (slated for a 2014 release). This was also the case with 2008’s The Legend of God’s Gun. The film will visually solidify the sonic Western exploration into the Great Unknown. The West will never be the same. Welcome all to this sonic exploration into the Great Unknown.

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  1. Ryan Westbury says:

    I cannot wait for this album. You guys should look into rockstar games, a video game developer who made an epic western video game called Red Dead Redemption, the game sold millions of copies in the first year, and they’re looking into a sequel, and no one could make a better soundtrack than you guys. Good luck! The legend of God’s gun is a legendary album. Ghost of the West will be too.

  2. Scott says:

    Looking forward to hearing the album and seeing the show in Nashville!

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